About Us

Our team of seasoned professionals dedicated themselves to solving two problems: production of high-integrity net-shape light metal parts while stopping emitting of dangerous gases into the atmosphere, and reducing porosities in castings. Working to eliminate the current non-sustainable approach, Mold-Inspect-Separate Good from Bad and Remelt Bad Parts, instead we invented a new vertical, environmentally friendly SSM-IMM, Semi-Solid Metal Injection Molding Machine, called MAXImolding!™.

Our obsession for quality (applying the Deming System of Profound Knowledge®) drives us to build the most economical, reliable, and most useful machines. In addition, we own the complete patented smart digital factory for discrete manufacturing. Our knowledge and synergies coupled with precise execution preserve and enhance partner’s trust in us. Our focus on the basics generates value that amazes our partners.Team MAXImolding!™ aims to continually educate people, develop products, and optimize processes that enhance the quality of everyone’s life. Currently, fragmented Magnesium casting is a complex and complicated process. We are here to change that.

We strive for peace and prosperity with high moral and ethical standards, professional, and personal integrity.